ALADIN strings are destined for classic and flamenco guitar. The strings 1,2 and 3 represent the new and original type of nylon strings. In contrast to usually used monolayer diskant strings the ALADIN strings composed of three elements and include a nylon core, a metal cover and a plastic covering layer. This composition of diskant strings has an advantage and allows to eliminate the essential difference in the timbre and power of sound which exist between usually produced monolayer diskants and the bass strings. The duration of sound of strings 1,2 and 3 compared to those of monolayer diskants is 1,5-1,8 times longer. Thinner diameter of the diskants compare to usually used first strings can also be of a favour.

ALADIN diskants 1,2 and 3 are produced in two different tensions:

Medium Tension = MT, 

High Tension = HT

The diskant strings of all three tensions are completed with bass strings of hard tension. The bass strings of hard tension harmonise in sound and tension with two types of diskant strings. Resilient and controlled tension of ALADIN strings allows to install the strings closer to the working part of the finger board compared to the strings of other firms. The position of strings closer to the finger board is more convenient for the fingering of the left hand. The resilient tension also enhances the exactness for the movements of the right hand fingers. 

The strings posses strong deep sound and brilliant timbre. These qualities of sound make ALADIN strings indispensable for playing in concert halls.

               The strings are destined for the mensure of 640-650 (655) mm.

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